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Wirecard and Sprint partner to deliver ‘Internet of Payments’

Wirecard logoWirecard has announced a new partnership with US-based communication services provider Sprint in a bid to integrate Wirecard’s unified commerce solutions into Sprint’s Curiosity Internet of Things (IoT) platform to deliver the “Internet of Payments”.

According to Sprint, its Curiosity IoT platform combines its IoT network and its integrated IoT operating system for bringing networks to data collection sites. The partnership will allow Sprint to integrate Wirecard’s payment capabilities into its Curiosity IoT platform and will enable them to expand their collaboration and explore various market segments.

“We’re pleased to integrate Wirecard solutions into our robust IoT platform. This opens up many commercial opportunities, and also delivers an unparalleled commerce solution for our global clients and their customers. As IoT becomes even more central to how enterprises run, we look forward to identifying new opportunities and use cases for these technologies. The growing internet of things will lead to new and innovative transactions, like directly between devices, and this collaboration will power such use cases,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president, IoT & product development for Sprint.

The suppliers state that they aim to enable merchants to meet their current and future customer expectations through an enhanced buying experience.

“Collaborating with Sprint is a tremendous opportunity to expand our collective reach and capabilities, plus meet a growing demand for commerce without barriers,” said Georg von Waldenfels, executive vice president of group business development at Wirecard. “Adding Wirecard unified commerce solutions to Sprint’s game-changing IoT technology is a significant step toward developing the shopping experience of the future and we look forward to all the possibilities this cooperation offers us.”

Recently, Wirecard partnered with Singapore-based self-service currency exchange network FXChange in a bid to collaborate and facilitate the provision of flexible digital payment options for travellers in Singapore.

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