Western Union picks Amazon Web Services as its cloud provider

Amazon Web ServicesUS-based money transfer firm Western Union has selected Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) as its preferred long-term strategic cloud provider, as it plans to move a significant portion of its infrastructure to the cloud.

With this move to AWS, Western Union will migrate from current datacenters to a microservices architecture, gaining the ability to build and support its applications, regardless of scale, load, or complexity. Western Union will use AWS to build a more seamless and reliable experience for its customers who send money and payments to over 200 countries and territories through its mobile application, website, and agent locations around the globe, AWS said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Our transition to the cloud will enable Western Union to expand our digital footprint and work more efficiently as we evolve to meet the needs of our business and customers. The elasticity and agility that AWS provides will enable us to transform the way we operate and become a cloud-first organization,” said Amit Sharma, Chief Information Officer, Western Union.

“For example, adopting AWS will enable us to further develop and strengthen our money movement platform to support innovation like Amazon PayCode, a new payment option available in 21 countries and territories including the US, Chile, Colombia, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand, Jamaica, and Kenya, among others, where shoppers can pay for their Amazon purchases in local currency, through Western Union’s network. This omnichannel platform is just one of the strategic initiatives we will move forward with using the scalability and functionality of AWS to innovate.”

Western Union plans to use a mix of AWS machine learning, analytics, database, serverless, containers, and security services to update its systems and products, as well as build new cloud-native applications. It aims to leverage AWS machine learning and analytics services to automate business operations and build self-healing capabilities into its money transfer platform. Western Union also intends to leverage Amazon Aurora and Amazon DynamoDB databases, AWS’s fully managed databases built for the cloud, to increase financial transaction throughput, speed payment processing, and transfer money with higher performance.

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