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Vocalink and Yourcash sign ATM deal in Belgium and Netherlands

Jenny Campbell, CEO at Yourcash

Jenny Campbell, CEO at Yourcash

UK-based payments company, Vocalink, has signed a three-year agreement with payment technology provider Yourcash for ATM processing in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The deal will involve more than 1,000 ATMs, currency conversion and settlement management and reporting. Vocalink already works with Yourcash and over 4,000 of its ATMs in the UK.

Jenny Campbell, CEO at Yourcash, says it chose Vocalink after an ‘extensive and rigorous selection process’ and for its ‘proven track record’.

David Yates, CEO at Vocalink, adds the deal shows ‘the success UK fintech is having overseas’ and gives the company a chance to use its ‘ATM solutions’ in the European market.

Yates also highlights Vocalink’s work with The Clearing House (TCH) last year.

TCH entered into a letter of intent with Vocalink, to help build and deliver core elements of its new real-time payment system for the US.

Finally, Yates mentions Vocalink is currently in talks to provide faster payments in Thailand – which IBS Journal reported about in October 2015.

At the time, Vocalink signed a letter of intent with National ITMX to investigate the development and deployment of a real-time payments system in Thailand.

By Antony Peyton.

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