Stephen Van de Wetering

Stephen Van de Wetering, CEO & Founder, Empaxis

Los Angeles-headquartered firms Empaxis, a business outsourcing company and InvestCloud Inc., a global fintech firm, have partnered to launch a new turnkey asset management platform, TAMP1.

The product has been designed to provide complete outsourcing of operations for small-to-medium-sized investment managers.

With access to InvestCloud’s digital platform, Empaxis expects to offer a smooth migration and maintenance to its clients for all their historical data, which is an exclusive feature of InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse, the supplier said in a statement.

Stephen Van de Wetering, Founder, and CEO of Empaxis said that increased competition and fee compression have been hitting mid-market asset managers for years, to which the only solution is cutting the back-office costs. He added that TAMP will provide its users with an easy way to stem the flow of back-office costs and redirect the workforce to tasks that deliver real value.

“With TAMP1, Empaxis will deliver a new level of value for smaller asset managers looking to outsource. It is delivered within weeks and leverages the InvestCloud App Store. It works in real-time and is completely scalable to fit business needs.” John Wise, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman at InvestCloud added.

TAMP1 is a combination of InvestCloud’s digital apps and Empaxis’ back office TAMP. It is expected to provide an all-in-one solution that will complement the client’s operational and technical teams.

Founded in 2004, Empaxis is a provider of customized back-office outsourcing and reconciliation services for the asset management industry.

InvestCloud is a digital platform to enable the development of financial digital solutions, pre-integrated into the cloud. It creates client experiences and operations solutions using a library of digital modular. In addition, for managers under $50 billion, InvestCloud supports over $1.7 trillion of assets across 700 diverse clients.

by Sheeba Bhagat Dawar
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence