US FinTech all set to transform minter blockchain experience, a service built over the Minter blockchain that enables near-instantaneous transfers of coins issued on the network, has submitted its application for review in the coming weeks.

Using the Monke’s solution, users can send any Minter-powered coin without leaving the application they are in, with the use of its crypto keyboard, according to a statement.

“Minter blockchain is lightning-fast, processing transactions in five seconds on average. Our product, however, aims to make things even faster for the end-user. Take, for example, a situation where you didn’t chip in for your friend’s housewarming gift. To fix it, you would normally have to open the wallet first, then copy-paste the address, and so on. With Monke, you can do all of that right in your group chat; the only thing you need is already there, it’s your keyboard,” Alexey Sidorov, Monke’s creator explained.

“I also believe it’s an interesting case for a crypto project as native integration with some giant messenger could take years,” Alexey added.

Minter Development Foundation is a US-based entity supporting the development and adoption of the Minter blockchain ecosystem that allows individuals and organizations to create and manage their own coins and exchange them at a fair price with absolute and instant liquidity.

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