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US fintech Binji launches new personal finance solution

Ryan Marquis, CEO, and Binji Co-Founder

US-based fintech Binji has launched a personal finance solution facilitating the consolidation of 24 credit and debit cards into a single card for usage as a funding source for the customer’s Binji Account. The solution aims to engage P2P payments, enable direct deposits, early access to paychecks, easy ATM withdrawals. According to the supplier, the Binji card and application allows for card consolidation, eliminates monthly and overdraft fees, offers secure and cloud-based processing engine and is convenient to use.

“We saw an opportunity to improve people’s lives by streamlining their finances through the convenience of offering app-based banking, card consolidation, and peer-to-peer payments on one platform,” said Ryan Marquis, CEO, and Binji Co-Founder. “With just a push of a button on the Binji Card’s user interface, consumers can now transfer funds from up to 24 different debit or credit cards into a single spending account.”

Founded in 2018, Binji provides a personal finance solution that includes a digital display Mastercard, app-based banking, card consolidation of up to 24 debit and/or credit cards to fund one’s Binji account, and peer-to-peer payments.

“Binji takes the familiarity of a physical card and combines it with the best parts of app-based banking–convenience and security,” said Marquis. “We’re not only streamlining the payment process, but also providing a clear snapshot of where and how people spend their money. Binji is the result of years of development, anticipation, and entrepreneurial spirit and we hope consumers will feel the same sense of excitement when they partner with us to take control of their financial lives.”

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