US consultancy firm Stax Inc taps Coleman Research’s ERM platform

Stax Inc

Mark Bremer, President, Stax Inc

Stax Inc, a global strategy consulting firm has zeroed in on the expert relationship management (ERM) solution by primary research provider Coleman Research, to digitize its research data and workflows.

Coleman ERM is a solution that alleviates the current time consuming, manual processes and replaces them with a platform that consolidates all expert relationships in one interface, whether sourced from internal directories or provided by third-party research vendors.

“…While improving our ability to deliver insights and value to our clients, Coleman’s Expert Relationship Management system also provides us tools and technology to put compliance-approved procedures in place that are forward-looking relative to global, privacy-related regulations such as GDPR,” Mark Bremer, president, Stax Inc stated.

Coleman ERM is an easy-to-use solution that offers analysts and end-users quicker access to the right expertise, saving them time through automated scheduling and vetting functions.  It enables users to meet compliance, audit and reporting requirements and ensures analysts only interact with approved counterparts, according to a statement.

Coleman Research

Research professionals turn to Coleman Research to get the expertise, managed services and software solutions they need to make the right decisions that create value and competitive business advantage.  The company has served more than 11,000 individuals at hundreds of global investment firms, consultancies, and corporations. Its network spans all industries and geographies, with experts in more than 12,000 cities worldwide.

Stax Inc

Founded in 1994, Stax is a global management consulting firm serving corporate and private equity firms across a broad range of industries including software and technology, healthcare, business services, industrial, consumer and retail, and education.  The firm partners with clients to provide data-driven, actionable insights designed to drive growth, enhance profits, increase value, and make better investment decisions. It has offices in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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