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US company Conduent launches Augmented Reality Solution

ConduentNew Jersey-based Conduent has launched its Augmented Reality (AR) solution to customers across its commercial and public sector service lines. Backed by its experience in applying technology to make business transactions easier and more efficient, its new AR solution provides organizations with a more visual way to interact with individuals.

The solutions provided by the company enhance services for customers including two-thirds of all insured patients in the United States, 25 million cardholders who participate in today’s cashless economy with modern digital payment solutions, and 11 million employees.

“Augmented Reality has previously been associated with gaming and social media realms, but when applied appropriately in business, companies and other organizations can supercharge self-service and have a positive impact on customer experience and business outcomes,” said Dharma Rajagopalan, Global Head, Transaction Processing, Conduent.

The AR solution can integrate with a wide range of business applications in financial services among others and improve productivity, develop new revenue streams and reduce costs through new self-service capabilities. It is the latest addition to the company’s Interactive Engagement Technologies portfolio joining Dara, Conduent’s Conversational AI Platform, which delivers a new level of self-service capabilities for a better, more personalized customer experience.

Conduent provides services on behalf of businesses and governments for automating workflows, improving efficiencies, reducing costs and enabling revenue growth. The company’s services also benefit nearly 9 million people travelling daily through toll systems. It has stated that most Fortune 100 companies and over 500 government entities depend on it every day to manage essential interactions and move their operations forward.

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