US-based FlexWage selects Fiserv’s Digital Disbursements

    Frank Dombroski

On-demand payment solutions provider, FlexWage Solutions has selected Digital Disbursements from Fiserv to provide more payment options to its customers. The solution will enable them to move money in real-time to a checking or savings account via debit cards. The implementation is expected to enable the customers to access their pay-on-demand via a FlexWage- branded card.

FlexWage’s OnDemand Pay offers financial benefits including budgeting, planning and live advice, and focuses on financial empowerment. It allows workers access to their pay and enables employers to limit the number of times pay can be accessed. Other solutions of FlexWage include Sum180 (mobile financial wellness service), FlexWage Payroll Debit Card and FlexPay (solution for immediate delivery of non-recurring payments).

Frank Dombroski, Chief Executive Officer, FlexWage, said, “ Having access to their money when it is earned can improve not only people’s financial well-being, it can improve their entire lives.”

Established in 2009, FlexWage delivers financial simplicity and huge savings to the lower and middle-income worker/consumer. Our solution eliminates the need for expensive financial services, both traditional banking and alternative.

“As the gig economy grows and consumer expectations for speed, ease and convenience increase, there is significant demand for real-time access to earnings,” said Tom Allanson, president, Electronic Payments, Fiserv. “FlexWage continues to be ahead of the curve in helping people maintain control of their finances by providing them access to their money when they need it.”

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