Newgen is providing its software to Union Bank of Nigeria

Newgen is providing its Omniflow software to Union Bank of Nigeria

Indian vendor Newgen Software has been signed up by Union Bank of Nigeria to provide its Newgen Ominflow solution.

The Omniflow system is set to be used in Union Bank of Nigeria’s central processing centre and will, it is hoped, aid the bank in providing better customer service as well as help expedite consumer-facing processes.

Newgen was selected by Union Bank of Nigeria as the most suitable solution for centralising its processing of transactions, according to executive director of operations and technology at the bank, Lucky Jayaratne, due to its ability to quickly integrate with the bank’s network of branches.

Managing director and CEO of Newgen Software, Diwakar Nigam, says that the solution it provides will be easy to use and make it simple for Union Bank to automate its critical business processes.

Union Bank of Nigeria will be able to implment end-to-end automation of its accounts opening and management services as well as its funds transfer processes as a direct result of the deal with Newgen. Customers, it hopes, will be able to open instant accounts and experience little to no turnaround time when visiting branches, according to the bank.

Enterprise-wide overhaul

Union Bank of Nigeria has recently completely overhauled its operations with the introduction of a new core banking system, Flexcube 12.0 from Oracle FSS, plus a range of additional Oracle tools and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It has also onboarded Gieom for trading and change management.

Read an exclusive interview with the bank’s CIO about this major modernisation initiative in the June 2015 edition of IBS Journal.

By Alex Hamilton

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