Ralf Schmücker, Managing Director SimCorp, Central Europe

Geneva-based independent specialist asset manager, Unigestion has announced the completed its migration from on-premise to SimCorp Dimension’s delivery transformation cloud-based model. The migration aims to provide the asset manager with the ability to scale and reduce operational burden in its investment operations.

Cedric Le Moan, Chief Operation Officer at Unigestion explained, “Our goal was to outsource a part of the technology infrastructure to an ‘as-a-service’ model. We were already very satisfied with the performance and efficiency of SimCorp Dimension in-house and knew we could expect the same consistent high quality once we transitioned to the new service model. This new set-up will allow Unigestion to further optimize its investment operations, reduce costs and compete with more agility than ever before.”

Post-migration, as the supplier states, Unigestion will be able to manage SimCorp Dimension through a suite of SimCorp managed services via cloud technology. It will allow the asset manager to focus on its core business by eliminating the need for dedicating resources to hardware and software maintenance. Unigestion will be provided with support for a front-to-back investment process along with regulatory solutions from the supplier.

Ralf Schmücker, Managing Director SimCorp, Central Europe commented,  “We are proud to have supported Unigestion’s ambitious goals for several years now and to have jointly developed a distinctive offering for the migration of SimCorp Dimension, to a cloud-based integrated front-to-back solution. Our ambition is to cover a wider footprint across our clients’ investment operations, including a portfolio of managed business and data services, enabling them to focus on their core business goals.”

Established in 1971, Unigestion is an independent, specialist asset manager providing tailored solutions across four areas of its expertise including equities, private equity, liquid alternatives and multi-asset, for investors worldwide.

Recently, Bank of Thailand implemented and went live with SimCorp Dimension in a bid to transform its reserve management and monetary policy operations including the front-to-back management of all invested asset classes on one core platform.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence