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Unifimoney selects UMB Bank for digital banking services

Unifimoney Inc., a FinTech venture that serves the saving, spending and investing needs of high earning Millennials, is providing their insured bank deposit and payment integration services to U.S. based bank UMB Bank.

UMB offers personal banking, commercial banking, healthcare services, and institutional banking, which includes services to mutual funds and alternative-investment entities and investment advisory firms.

Unifimoney allows users to deposit their funds in a high-interest checking account provided by UMB Bank, a hybrid account that means that 100% of consumers’ funds are earning maximum interest all time.

“The combination of UMB Bank’s scale and ability to flexibly partner with innovative FinTech firms like us to create radically new value propositions made them the clear choice to work with,” said Ben Soppitt, founder and CEO of Unifimoney.

“UMB is honored to be working with a company like Unifimoney that is focused on delivering a single solution for everyday money management. We pride ourselves in both our legacy offerings and our ability to help build for the future as a catalyst of innovation in the market. Our partnership with Unifimoney is a great illustration of that and helps UMB Bank broaden our distribution channel within FinTech by providing banking services and sweep offerings.” said Doug Pagliaro, SVP and Executive Director of the FDIC Sweep program at UMB Bank

Unifimoney is a new FinTech that started in 2019. The company is planning to go live at the end of March 2020 with restricted members. It performs money management and gives back the users the hidden cost of banking. Unifimoney offers a  single account that can be accessed via mobile and is integrated with a high-interest checking account, a credit card, and Robo investment platform.

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