Tom Williams, CEO at Certua

Data-driven fintech Certua has announced the acquisition of the Insurtech, The Surely Group. The announcement follows the launch of Certua’s Enterprise Insurance platform which creates dynamic insurance products and enables distributors to utilize APIs and integrate with the company’s financial services platform.

Tom Williams, CEO at Certua said: “The Surely team develop some of the highest standard enterprise-grade insurance solutions in the industry and the combination of their people, skills and platform with the Certua offering is hugely complementary. The combined unique suite of services enables us to offer genuinely differentiated propositions in alternative digital markets.”

According to the supplier, the acquisition is set to propel Certua’s Insurance platform and allow an end-to-end customer journey offering while enabling insurers and reinsurers to reach inaccessible distribution channels.

Established in 2013, Surely Group provides technology solutions to the insurance sector and enables insurers and brokers to transact online with their customers.

“Our joint capabilities bolster our current proposition and satisfy the high demand we have been seeing for integrated user journeys in addition to core administration and data science.”Larry Shapiro, CEO at Surely, said. “We are delighted to be joining the Certua team, who have impressive ambitions in the fintech space. Their distribution strategy and use of data and analytics complements our modern technology stack, and their powerful and configurable back-end APIs plug neatly into our front-end.”

Founded in 2016, Certua is a fintech platform that allows individuals and advisers to benefit from dynamic financial planning solutions.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence