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UK-based Limeglass secures funds from JP Morgan

Rowland Park, CEO and co-founder of Limeglass

London-based financial research company Limeglass has announced an investment from J.P. Morgan. It recently completed J.P. Morgan’s In-Residence Program that allows the incubation of technology ready companies for developing production-ready solutions to solve banking problems.

Rowland Park, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Limeglass, said, “The volume of financial research, and the lack of innovation in how it is delivered, mean that market participants can spend hours searching through their email to find information on the trades they are considering. It is all too easy to miss vital information buried deep in large documents, wasting time and valuable research insights. Limeglass cuts through the noise, providing users with only the relevant paragraphs in their financial research with a simple search.”

Established in 2015, Limeglass’ Research Atomisation technology enables utilization of Natural Language Processing, AI, machine learning, cross-asset, and macro taxonomy for smart-tagging paragraphs in context. It automatically analyses paragraphs in research documents in real-time.

Hussein Malik, Head of Transformation & Implementation across Sales & Research at J.P. Morgan, said, “The insights our Research teams produce daily are a huge source of value to our clients. We are continuously investing in technology to help deliver industry-leading content and to help us and our clients further mine that value.”

The company’s technology, as it states, enables the customization of reports by banks in a bid to optimize the value for users.

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