The top 10 banks in the UK are way behind the rest of the High Street when it comes to customer experience, especially when offering expertise on high-value services like mortgages and loans, according to BookingBug research. The company sent mystery shoppers out to the branches, websites and call centres of each major bank; they were ranked on the marketing, attitude, accessibility and delivery of in-store services.

The largest banks have the most work to do: Lloyds TSB, HSBC, RBS, Halifax, Nationwide and Barclays all scored less than 50% of the points on offer. The mystery shoppers were not greeted when entering 9/10 of the banks. Only Metro Bank utilised a ‘concierge’ style approach, but they still had no information on those coming into branches.

BookingBug’s CEO, Glenn Shoosmith, comments: “The divide between the transactional and relational side of banking is widening every day. From a surprisingly efficient ATM experience to in-depth advice on some of life’s biggest decisions, banks are being pulled in every direction and must make difficult choices about how to prioritise their response. The change has started, but our research shows it is unevenly spread across the main players. The banks who embrace this opportunity first will build loyalty around their most valuable products, and keep their customers attention for complementary accounts and services.”

NatWest and The Co-operative Bank led the scoreboard, but for different reasons. NatWest excelled in branch design, creating spaces that sent clear messages about the importance of services. The Co-operative Bank won plaudits for a booking system that connects the customer experience across every channel.

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by Scott Thompson
Scott is Senior Editor at IBS Intelligence. You can follow him on Twitter and contact him at: