UK FinTech industry body, Innovate Finance, has formed a Transatlantic Policy Working Group (TPWG) with OnDeck, a US-based platform for small business loans. This has been set up to foster an open, collaborative and inclusive exchange of intelligence with respect to the FinTech policy making environment both in the UK and US.

The TPWG will respond to such cross-sector issues as the use of data and open APIs in banking, to facilitating a competitive environment in payments infrastructure, as well as those pertaining to financial inclusion and the growth of ‘robo-advice’. It will also provide a forum to bring together key transatlantic stakeholders in FinTech, from across industry, government, trade bodies, thinks tanks and academia.

Daniel Morgan, Head of Policy and Regulation at Innovate Finance, says: “The transatlantic policy working group represents a great opportunity to share key insights, best practices and knowledge between US and UK FinTech stakeholders, and will help drive real change in the public policy arena when it comes to the development and growth of a vibrant FinTech sector that promotes transparency and competition in financial services.”

By Scott Thompson

by Scott Thompson
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