Tinkoff to simplify automatic trading through Open API

Alexander Emeshev, VP, New Products Development, Tinkoff

Moscow-based Tinkoff Investments brokerage platform has announced the launch of an open API in a bid to assist algorithmic traders in the creation of robots and setting up of automatic trading.

The supplier has stated that the new solution is expected to provide the algorithmic traders with a unified API and a single brokerage account for trading securities on global stock exchanges. It will allow users access to every stock exchange through one trading account and will enable them to buy and sell securities and currencies with Tinkoff Investments.

“We are among the first to offer Russian algorithmic traders a truly simple API that can automate millions of security transactions. I am sure users will like it. On top of automatic trading, it lets you ‘play’ with the price trends, forecast market events, and test your investment hypotheses,” said Alexander Emeshev, Vice President, New Products Development at Tinkoff.

The solution will facilitate the utilization of open APIs by the traders, allow them to view portfolio details as well as the securities market information. Users will be able to perform hypothesis testing in a sandbox and analyze their investment strategies.

The company has stated that its Open API will be made available to the corporate clients and companies will be able to lease their programming interface for the creation of additional value.

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