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Temenos expands front office offering with Banking Distribution services

 Max Chuard, CEO, Temenos

Temenos has announced the delivery of Banking Distribution Services as part of its Temenos Infinity digital front-office banking product. Through the new microservice distribution, Infinity aims to deliver an API-driven, digital front-office capability allowing banks to create personalized experiences while building on cloud-native, cloud-agnostic microservices.

Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer, Temenos, said, “We recognize that distribution has split from manufacturing in response to open banking and other structural changes in the banking industry.”

“Last year we launched Infinity and T24 Transact to offer banks more choice in how they wish to transform and today we are launching another Industry first with the delivery of API and microservice-based distribution services in Temenos Infinity. This major milestone, unmatched in the digital banking market, gives banks the ability to offer personalized, explainable AI-driven products, rapid development and deployment, and reduced cost of operation up to an enterprise-wide scale. While other digital banking products put limits on the biggest banks, Temenos Infinity gives a path to the future,” he continued.

According to the supplier, it will now offer banks new distribution services including origination and onboarding, marketing catalogue, real-time engagement for marketing, multi-party services, holdings and arrangement services, payment initiation and fund authorization services.

Temenos Infinity is also expected to provide a separation of applications from the API-based distribution services, thus allowing each bank to consume the products at their desired level. It allows for an extensible business solution through the Infinity App as well as low risk and an upgradable option for banks to easily adapt to the distribution services.

Temenos Infinity enables banks to integrate with banking and non-traditional third parties using open APIs and is available on-premise, as a SaaS offering, or in the cloud via Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. It can be deployed alongside any core banking system or pre-integrated with T24 Transact.

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