Dale Thomas, director, Temenos Learning Community

Temenos today said that it has rolled out a training platform for all 400 employees of Al Masraf as part of the lender’s ongoing digital transformation project.

The Temenos Learning Community (TLC) Engine is a digital change management and training platform that incorporates Al Masraf’s processes and T24 Core Banking which the lender had signed up for last year. TLC Engine will ensure that any changes made to the T24 Core Banking gets captured, documented and remains fully up to date. “This in turn will allow Al Masraf to create bespoke testing and certification paths within TLC Engine’s training tool,” Temenos said in a statement.

Temenos added that Al Masraf will also look to enhance overall risk and compliance monitoring through an additional module—TLC Engine’s Digital Control. It acts as a registry for the bank-specific controls that need to be put in place, showing severity levels, probability and mitigation plans.

“TLC Engine will allow us to train and elevate current employees’ expertise, effectively onboard employees who aren’t familiar with the system, and ensure that we are delivering consistent and compliant results every time,” said Ahmed Alrefaei, chief operating officer, Al Masraf. “In this way, we can make sure that we fully capitalize on the front-to-back platform, Temenos T24 Core Banking, which we are implementing with Temenos, in support of our ambitious growth plans, as we continue to drive our bank forward.”

“TLC Engine will provide Al Masraf with a channel to educate staff on Temenos technology, and help them establish best practices within the system based on the Temenos Standard Operating Procedures, paving the way for a smooth transition as the bank implements Temenos T24 Core Banking,” said Dale Thomas, director, Temenos Learning Community.

by Parnika Sokhi