Tangerine Bank deploys Meniga digital banking solutions

Canadian bank Tangerine has deployed Meniga’s digital banking solutions to all its clients.

The Tangerine-Meniga project began in 2016, and completion will mean clients will have a “clearer view of their finances through more accurate categorisation of their transactions and a more customised banking experience”.

Georg Ludviksson, CEO and Co-founder of Meniga, said: “We’re proud to partner with Tangerine Bank, one of the most innovative and customer-centric banks in the world, with a strong emphasis on digital excellence. The partnership with Tangerine represents a key milestone for our global expansion ambition, as Meniga gains a strategic foothold in North America.”

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Meniga and Tangerine are collaborating on a number of personal finance related innovations that use Meniga’s digital banking toolbox. This includes a programmable banking interface to combine 3rd party data with the savings experience.

Mark Nicholson, Vice President of Client Experience at Tangerine, commented: “Meniga shares our vision for the future of digital banking, and the partnership between us is a natural fit. The innovations we’re working on together will help us to radically transform our clients’ banking experiences and alter the nature of how consumers engage with their money.”

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