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Sweetbridge relies on Mattereum’s legal support for digital assets in Sweetbridge ecosystem

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Sweetbridge has announced a partnership with Mattereum, the London-based Internet of Agreements (IoA) infrastructure company. Mattereum will work to ensure that legal texts and their corresponding digital equivalents represented in Sweetbridge ecosystems are compliant with regulations in relevant jurisdictions.

Mattereum lawyers and developers will work with Sweetbridge Alliance members to create smart contracts for specific applications and use cases, ranging from global trade in real-world goods to token sales on the Sweetbridge crowdsale platform.

Mattereum systems will implement the control and transfer of rights in material and intellectual, as well as digital assets. Non-performance issues will either automatically be resolved by smart contracts or mediated by Mattereum’s international commercial arbitration court, able to make legally binding rules.

“Sweetbridge is proud to partner with Mattereum to ensure that the framework behind its innovative platform is legally enforceable in multiple jurisdictions,” said Sweetbridge CEO and chairman, Scott Nelson. “Mattereum’s innovative solution for ensuring regulatory compliance will prove critical as we support global companies conducting token crowdsales on our platform. We are delighted to join forces with Mattereum to further the development of our crowdsale platform and ensure its long-term sustainability and success.”

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“For the blockchain to achieve global adoption in the industrial and commercial world, it is really important that standards for blockchain smart contract enforcement are as high or higher than that for ordinary contracts,” added Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta.

Gupta stated that the unpredictability of the real world needs a system by which it is managed flawlessly, and that Mattereum is aiming to decentralize commercial law by automating legal contract execution.

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