Joakim Sjöblom, Co-founder and CEO of Minna Technologies

Minna Technologies, a Swedish FinTech start-up has announced a €5.6 million Series A investment led by Zenith Group and accompanied by Visa and Swedbank.

Minna Technologies began as a consumer app for subscription management which has now evolved into a bank integrated platform which helps retail banks across Europe improve their customer experience and has saved its clients more than €30 million.

Commenting on this subject, co-founder and CEO of Minna Technologies, Joakim Sjöblom emphasised on their plan for an European expansion and how the following investment makes it possible. He went on to add the fact that banks are embracing FinTech partnership with an increased interest for subscription management platform. He put an impetus on the importance of improved customer experience in digital banking and how their subscription management platform has done the same with their current bank partnerships.

“Minna Technologies is run by a strong team who have developed a scalable bank-grade technology platform with a high level of automation that is ready to scale out in Europe. We further strongly believe in the underlying trends that Minna Technologies builds their business on in terms of the growing subscription economy, banks willingness to collaborate with FinTech companies and consumers wish for an easier way to access actionable insights that help improve their personal finances. We’re also happy to make this investment together with Visa and Swedbank, which alongside the entrepreneurs and the earlier investors gives Minna Technologies a strong and relevant group of owners for the continued expansion”, says Erik Lindblad, investment manager, Zenith Group, a Stockholm based investment company.

Established in 2016, Minna Technologies is a Swedish fintech startup with a bank integrated platform. It assists European retail banks in the improvement of their customer experience.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence