SunTec increases focus in the Australian and Kiwi Market


         Nanda Kumar

SunTec Business Solutions has announced the expansion of its operations across the Australasia market, especially Melbourne. This step is expected to increase the company’s focus in the Australia and New Zealand market.

Nanda Kumar, CEO of SunTec, said, “Setting up operations in Australia is a logical next step as it allows us to be close to our customers, strengthen our support and demonstrate our commitment to the region”.

With the current regulatory requirements for standard and transparency improvement, banks are having a hard time juggling legacy issues and finding suitable technologies for enhancement of their services.

Headquartered in India, the expansion follows the launch of SunTec’s Xelerate Digital Core. According to the supplier, Xelerate Digital Core simplifies the digital transformation process for banks by providing a flexible middle layer.

SunTec has operations in USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, and UAE. The Australia and New Zealand operations, which were being handled by the Singapore office will now be managed directly by the Melbourne office.

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