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Square acquires AL and ML research startup Dessa

San Francisco based Square, financial services and mobile payment company announced the acquisition of Dessa, a Toronto-based AI research startup for an undisclosed sum. The company is planning to use machine learning technology in enhancing products in areas like customer engagement, risk management, and more.

The Dessa team will continue working from their Toronto office, with no immediate changes to their existing products, customers, or business operations.

Dessa noted works are in deepfake technology, and the company recently open-sourced their detection technology to share their resources with the world and raise awareness about the misuse of deepfakes.

Square is enhancing its Machine learning capabilities and is expanding its associated works through both in-house development and with acquisitions like Eloquent Labs. The company considers the new acquisition as the correct path forward due to the increasing concerns in the misuse of deepfake technology and improvements in quality.

The company also has plans to keep hiring top ML and AI talents as part of its support to both the Dessa team and other product teams at Square.

Founded in 2009, Square Capital, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square, Inc.  The company is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and Japan.

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