SmartStream unveils new AI module at SIBOS

SmartStream unveils new AI module at SIBOS

SmartStream Technologies has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) module at SIBOS 2019. The new module uses machine learning for continuous digital payments processing. SmartStream claims that a typical project that previously might have taken up to two days may now be achieved with a simple tick.

The new module will, said SmartStream, enable match rates to be instantly updated with automatic reconfigurations, helping to reduce operational costs and minimising risk. Maintenance costs should be reduced and pressure on busy IT departments lessened.

The AI tech operates in the background as data flowing into the reconciliations system changes. It does away with the requirement for firms to carry out time consuming projects to redesign their technical architecture.

Roland Brandli, Product Manager, Smartstream likened the AI to ‘a virtual operations team that never sleeps, constantly comparing and fixing’. The new module is designed to work with SmartStream’s TLM Aurora Digital Payments Control solution.

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