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Singapore’s Moneythor expands into Japan for digi-banking solutions

Olivier Berthier

Olivier Berthier, Founder & CEO at Moneythor

IT solutions provider Moneythor has expanded its operations into Japan in a bid to cater to the country’s rising need for digital banking solutions.  The company has opened a subsidiary in Japan and opened an office in Tokyo.

Founded in 2013, the Singapore-based company provides personalised and actionable recommendations, insights and nudges powered by real-time data, machine learning and behavioural science techniques to leading banks and large FinTechs. With offices in Paris and London, Moneythor works with several leading financial institutions across APAC, Europe, and North America including DBS, Standard Chartered, Orange Bank, ANZ and Manulife.

Olivier Berthier, CEO & Co-Founder, Moneythor said, “ The Japanese market is going through a major stage of disruption and its renewed focus on digital banking makes it a very exciting market for us. By expanding our global footprint into Japan, we are confident that we can support financial institutions as they move towards digital banking by providing a simple and cost-effective banking channel that will drive online customer engagement.”

These enhanced banking services allow customers to improve their financial wellness through financial literacy tips, proactive spend notifications and personalised management of their financial goals, Berthier added.


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