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SILO and Acuris Risk Intelligence join forces to enhance AML efforts

Joel Lange, Managing Director, Acuris Risk Intelligence

SILO Compliance System and Acuris have announced a partnership to enhance Anti-Money Laundering efforts.

Cayman Island-based SILO Compliance System is a comprehensive, risk-based client due diligence management solution used by trust and corporate service providers, law and accounting firms, and other financial services providers that must comply with anti-money laundering regulations while Acuris Risk Intelligence is a trusted and independent provider of data intelligence for anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and cybersecurity professionals.

Recently, Acuris also announced a partnership with Quantifind to boost AML investigations.

“We’re delighted to join forces with an industry-leading provider such as SILO Compliance,” states Joel Lange, Managing Director, Acuris Risk Intelligence. “Our integration into SILO Compliance System will further streamline its already efficient system.”

In collaboration with Acuris Risk Intelligence, SILO Compliance will enable its users to access a dataset that includes fraud and cybersecurity content as well as expert human analysts and state-of-the-art technology to help them effectively manage risk in business relationships.

“SILO is pleased to have the Acuris Partnership.” Kimberly Smith, Co-Founder of SILO Compliance System, advises. “Pulling our experiences and technologies has already proven to be of value to our customers. The integration of Acuris into the SILO platform further serves our customer’s needs for more automation and streamlining of their compliance processes.”

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