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SignDesk rolls out digitised e-stamping solution across India

SignDeskBengaluru-based SignDesk announced the rollout of its digitised e-stamping solution across India where their product SignDesk provides services in this regard.

Krupesh Bhat, Founder, SignDesk states, “Stamping is so ubiquitous in activities such as taking loans, ratifying legal documents, and executing contracts that people take for granted how inconvenient the physical stamping process is. I’m glad to say that digital stamping has actually helped people in this respect.”

Krupesh Bhat revealed, “We’re in the business of making processes smoother and easier for everyone involved and is a good representation of what our mission is. However, we’re not done with stamping yet. We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline that will make big waves in the arena of digital stamping as well as eSign and eKYC.” will offer an API-based e-stamping solution that covers 24 states in India, with many more to follow later. The company stated that the product is set to transform the way stamping is carried out throughout the country.

“We’re seeing a turn in the tide now, as numerous Indian states, including Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, have implemented the e-stamping process to great success,” added Krupesh Bhat.

The World Bank in a document titled Stamp Duties in Indian States: A Case for Reform, recently reported that, “Fraudulent production and use of stamp paper has been recognized as a significant problem in the administration of stamp taxes and duties”. It states that stamp-related fraud cost various Indian states about INR 780 billion from 1993 – 2003.

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