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Seychelles-based PrimeXBT launches new telegram bot for traders

PrimeXBTPrimeXBT, a Bitcoin-based trading platform has announced the launch of a new Telegram bot designed to provide traders with the up-to-the-minute market and position data.

The company claims to have become the first trading platform in the cryptocurrency market to introduce a Telegram market and position data bot to traders. The bot will act as a trader’s personal dispatch for important key data points, providing them with the fastest access to the most critical market and position information, according to a statement.

The bot can also supply immediate market information and price data across all the available assets on PrimeXBT, including commodities, stock indices, forex currencies, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Beyond market data, the Telegram bot can also act as another gateway to the platform’s customer support team.

The Telegram bot will deliver faster response times, and traders along with additional insight into their own positions and orders. It can only be used in conjunction with two-factor authentication, ensuring user’s accounts are always safe and secure.

In the future, updates to the Telegram bot will enable PrimeXBT users to execute trades or alter orders or open positions using the bot itself, the statement added.

The new Telegram bot is the latest of various features added to PrimeXBT in recent months, including a discounted fee structure, advanced AML protection, a mobile app, additional crypto assets, etc.

PrimeXBT is a FinTech company established in 2018 that offers cryptocurrency, FX, indices, and commodities trading infrastructure with aggregated liquidity from multiple liquidity providers. The company provides access to real-time market data and an array of trading analysis tools while maintaining security, and liquidity.

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