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Sberbank launches free digital credit card and CRM24 system

Sberbank has announced the launch of a digital credit card which can be issued via Sberbank Online and is available for clients with a pre-approved offer. The bank has stated that the card can be utilised for online and offline shopping, money transfers and withdrawal.

The digital card can be exchanged for a physical plastic one at any bank branch at the client’s request. The maximum loan amount is limited to RUB 600,000, the grace period is 50 days, and the interest rate is 23.9% per annum.

Svetlana Kirsanova, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Head of the Retail Business, Sberbank, said, “Nowadays a plastic bank card is being gradually sidelined, as we more often use a smartphone or smartwatch as payment means. Taking into account this trend, we issued a digital debit card in 2018, and now we complemented our digital product line with a credit card. This card has several benefits: it takes several minutes to issue before you can start using it, you can have it issued at any place using your mobile phone, such cards can’t be lost, stolen or forgotten; at the same time, the card service is free for clients as the bank saves on physical card issuance.”

Recently, the Bank launched a new online tool CRM24 via its online banking solution Sberbank Business Online. The new service aims to digitalize business, increase sales and enhance the client communication process. It allows for the development of sales funnels, fueling repeat sales using CRM tools and etc.

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