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Samco Securities launches ‘one-click’ equity investment product for retail investors

Samco SecuritiesIndian discount broking firm Samco Securities said on Thursday it has launched a “one-click” long-term equity investment product named ‘StockBasket’ for retail investors across India.

StockBasket is ready-made, low cost, off the shelf-FMCG type, savings cum investment product, tailored to meet the varying needs of retail investors in India. The stocks in the basket will be curated and monitored through experts, who will help investors in investing and staying in high-quality wealth-creating companies to meet their long-term investment goals, it said in a statement.

“There are 400-500 million people waiting to become equity investors but don’t know where to invest. There are another 40-50 million investors waiting to generate returns but somehow don’t know how to generate superior returns. India will truly progress if these masses come and join the mainstream financial markets. With this purpose, we have made a simple, one-click, off the shelf-FMCG type, savings-cum-investment product called StockBasket,” said Jimeet Modi, Founder & CEO, Samco Securities and StockNote.

“When people invest in such long term focused readymade investment solutions, they are bound to make superior returns which will truly bring in all-round prosperity and a more sustained wealth in the hands of retail investors. We are moving forward from a pure transactional platform to a more sustained value-added packaged solution in a socially responsible way for the betterment of the entire investing population.”

Every StockBasket will comprise of stocks that have been picked by SAMCO’s research using a checklist consisting of principles laid down by Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham, all coded through in the form of Smart Algorithms. Every basket will consist of 7 to 12 well-diversified stocks, designed with a minimum recommended holding period of 5 years. The product will be for very focused, goal-based investing where baskets are created based on different goals, needs and time horizon, the Mumbai-based brokerage firm added.

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