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Royal Bank of Scotland hosting hackathon in partnership with Open Bank Project

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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will be joining Open Bank Project (OBP) to help host its regular banking hackathon this autumn.

Coffee and pizza is a must,

The event, named Hack/Make the Bank, will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the weekend of 9th October. Described by OBP as a ‘creative marathon of brainstorming and software building’, the hackathon will give small teams of innovators, software engineers and designers the chance to create web and mobile applications to improve the banking sector.

The focus, according to Simon Refern, CEO of OBP, is on sourcing innovation from outside a bank’s walls to anticipate the needs of its customers. APIs will be provided to the competitors which they can use to create, tear down and reshape their own platform.

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IBS attended the Hack/Make the Bank event in London in 2014, which saw a variety of different applications created. These ranged from useable tools to one developer who managed to successfully hack into a bank’s app and carry out a range of tasks. One team adopted the popular crowdfunding model to create a platform to allow customers to invest in a proportion of properties, and either live in them paying rent to other funders or vice versa.

The OPB is an open source API and app store for banks, designed to allow them to tailor their digital offerings via the use of the applications it hosts. Some of its apps have been integrated into core banking systems like Temenos’ T24.

OPB has organised a number of hackathons in the past, with the sponsorship of other major institutes including Rabobank, BNP Paribas and Ulster Bank.

By Alex Hamilton

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