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RobocashA recent poll by the European P2P platform, stated that European P2P investors have not been affected by the coronavirus epidemic, while the same has shaken the financial markets worldwide. The poll revealed that 76.4% of the P2P investors have not made any changes to their portfolios. Other respondents stated that in 18.1% of cases the share of P2P in their investment portfolios reduced either because of fund withdrawals or for the increase in the volume of other assets. 3.1% of the respondents increased the proportion of P2P investments during the outbreak.

The P2P platform has stated that the pandemic has brought up concerns about potential risks in the industry including a possible decrease in the issuance volumes of alternative lending companies and an increase in the default rate on consumer loans.

“Based on the statistics of the fintech holding Robocash Group, which owns the P2P platform, its lending volumes have not decreased since December 2019 when the epidemic started. Moreover, taking into account the digital nature of the group’s lending services, the customers have a chance to take a loan even during the quarantine. As for the default rate, the decision on issuing a consumer loan usually depends on the availability of the borrower’s regular income, which includes salary, pension or state allowance. Consequently, even if a borrower gets sick or quarantined, he or she continues receiving the salary or illness payments. Therefore, the level of default is not expected to go up,” commented’s analysts.

Established in 2017, is a Croatia-based fully automated P2P platform with a buyback guarantee on investments operating within the European Union and Switzerland.

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