Eran Noam, Vice President Global Sales and Business Development at Shield FC

Shield Financial Compliance, a RegTech provider, has announced the cloud enablement of its compliance platform.

The supplier claims that the platform provides complete regulation compliance monitoring and across all eComms (Data Management) platforms. This covers the whole data lifecycle, from capture and Record-Keeping to analysis through flexible and comprehensive investigation. It is also future-proof, constantly evolving to meet challenges from new Regulations and advances in technology. The platform will, reportedly, provide flexibility to the user by allowing the firms to choose their preferred vendor operating in the financial sector as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

The platform is also available as a hybrid-cloud model, mixing the best of Cloud services with on-premise systems to provide any combination that best suits the firm’s requirements.

Eran Noam, VP Global Sales & Business Development at Shield FC states, “When it comes to dealing with large amounts of unstructured eComms and trade data, Cloud is an excellent option for financial institutions of all sizes.” He adds, “Asset managers, brokers, and other financial firms need fast and flexible access to store data regarding eComms trades and compliance records. However, they often lack the requisite in-house IT resources enjoyed by larger businesses, while they still would like to maintain a private secured instance of their compliance data. So, for these firms, a Cloud solution presents a way forward to access the necessary capabilities but without the capital expenditure.”

Eran continues, “Large firms using Cloud services have limitless capacity or performance. The Shield Cloud platform provides our customers with complete flexibility in a scalable and secure environment, it provides state of the art technology stack and with the total cost of ownership advantages for any size business, from SMBs to Large Enterprise level. We are pleased to offer customers another option in the way they monitor and protect their regulatory compliance needs in an ever-evolving environment.”

Shield FC has launched a new version of its Financial Compliance Data Manager Platform last month.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence