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Raddon to enhance financial well being for Randolph-Brooks FCU’s clients

Raddon, a Fiserv company, is providing technical assistance to Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) to enhance its marketing capabilities and strategy.

RBFCU is planning to use the new Predictive Analytics solution from Raddon to allow financial institutions to build deeper relationships with members and customers through targeting and segmentation tailored to their activities and needs. The company has plans to use predictive analytics further for extending its digital presence and marketing efforts by communicating relevant offers to its members.

Predictive analytics is being used to deliver personalized experiences for both digital and physical channels by providing tags and contextualizing financial data, organizing, and utilizing a combination of transactional, lifestyle and behavioural data. With individual identified through Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLI) and data being anonymized, Predictive analytics can be easily used to track and respond to individuals’ habits and behaviour, moving them in and out of campaigns.

“We’ve had a fruitful relationship with Raddon for years, and Predictive Analytics will allow us to leverage the insights and information Raddon provides for the benefit of our members. We do right by our members when we find ways to improve their financial lives. Predictive Analytics will allow us to match offers to individuals in a more considerate, meaningful way,” Said Mary O’Rourke, EVP and chief of staff at RBFCU.

Raddon has been providing research-based solutions to the financial industry since 1983. They combine practices in research and analysis with consulting and technology solutions to help institutions achieve sustainable growth and improve financial performance.

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