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PXP Financial and MoneyNetint partner to Enable Cross Border Payments

Koen Vanpraet, CEO of PXP Financial

UK-based companies PXP Financial and MoneyNet International (MoneyNetint) have partnered to provide frictionless cross-border payment processing in the US and EU.

Being a payments processor, PXP Financials partnership with MoneyNetint will enable the latter to offer major global offer all major global credit & debit cards processing as well as a wide range of alternative payment methods such as vouchers, e-wallets, online and offline banking while achieving significant reduction of their operational cost since reconciliations and payment related processes.

Avi Starodubsky, Head of Business Development at MoneyNetint, said: “We at MoneyNetint have always prided ourselves on being bold and offering the most innovative and effective solutions for our customers, helping to reduce costs for businesses worldwide. We’re delighted to have joined forces with the team at PXP Financial, and to be working on our joint goal of providing seamless global payment services.”

Koen Vanpraet, CEO of PXP Financial, commented: “PXP Financial and MoneyNetint are extremely proud to be working together to create frictionless payment solutions for our respective customers as well as additional, innovative services. The future looks bright for our partnership; together, we want to help our clients to be able to accept credit cards for their online goods and services and utilise its acquiring services.” 

PXP Financial originates from the merger of two established payments companies, PXP Solutions & Kalixa, offering a combined experience of 20+ years. PXP Financial provides a single unified payments platform to accept payments online, on mobile and at the point of sale.

Established in 2004, MoneyNetint helps companies financially think global, act local, by providing its clients with a multi-currency e-wallet associated with local bank accounts in the EU and US. This account allows our clients to send and receive payments globally and utilise various supported payment schemes in multiple jurisdictions without the need for a physical and financial presence in each of them. The localisation of all cross-border payments by utilising local payment schemes as well as blockchain technology, allows its customers to minimise costs for expansion and optimise time to market penetration.

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