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PruPay collaborates with PayPal to launch Touchless Payments

Denver-based payments technology company PruPay has partnered with PayPal, to develop and launch PruPay Touchless, a solution for merchants to request one-time payments from consumers via text messaging. Touchless payments by PruPay instantly collect payments without contact, making sure customers maintain social distance.

The uncertainties created by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a host of changes. It has not only affected the way people interact but has resulted in various operational challenges for organisations. Now that social distancing has become the new norms, paying via text is already seeing massive adoption. Understanding this, PruPay’s technology lab has added a few simple tools that help both merchants and consumers with their real-world problems. The FinTech has also waived off normal fees to help small/medium (SME) businesses during the global pandemic.

“COVID-19 has instilled a legitimate fear of sharing or touching anything, both person to person and latently on devices such as keypads, so text payments make even more sense today than just weeks ago. We added security for merchants and optional add-on services like delivery fees, tipping, and a “Pay it Forward” option that are not provided on native text-to-pay platforms,” said Bill Sedgwick, PruPay CEO.

PruPay’s Touchless Payments offers:


  • A control panel that lets employees enter payment requests and see orders without access to merchant banking information.
  • An order management dashboard to see which orders have been paid for and which are pending.
  • The ability to customise charges like convenience fees, delivery fees or other markups.
  • The ability to add delivery/pickup notes to the order.


  • The ability to pay for purchases via text all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo (U.S. only), and PayPal Credit (under prescribes terms)
  • The ability to easily add an optional tip or a “Pay It Forward” amount to help merchants during the crisis.
  • A secure way to pay and complete orders without having to provide credit card numbers or addresses over the phone.
  • An order payment confirmation to show to a delivery driver or curbside delivery person.


PruPay has also announced that, during this challenging time the company is offering its patent-pending technology, touchless payment service to merchants for free, i.e., zero transactions fees for the next 90 days, standard PayPal processing fees apply. The FinTech also has plans to donate the net proceeds from Touchless Payments at least through the end of summer 2020.

“We wanted to offer consumers a turnkey way to support their favorite local merchants and provide merchants with a way to allow contributions without marking up their menu prices or adding additional fees if they don’t want to. When payments are processed, there will be a prompt for the customer to add an amount of their choice to support the business voluntarily. Not everyone can contribute, but we have learned that those who can are often very generous to the merchants that they want to help. It’s a goodwill gesture, versus a requirement, and people appreciate that,” added Bill Sedgwick.

PruPay is a FinTech company focused on providing solutions for merchants and consumers to request, accept, and make enhanced payments. It lets users get paid via credit card, ACH processing, mobile, email, text, recurring billing, POS solutions and more. Its Instant Payments helps business optimise cash flow and revenues. The company recently integrated with the PayPal Commerce Platform.

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