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Project Imagine launches its digital banking platform Pi1

UK-based Project Imagine has announced the launch of its cloud-based digital banking platform Pi1, the platform that manages the consumer app Dozens. The platform integrates multiple FinTech solutions into a single API and provides an additional advanced analytics platform. It aims to allow banks and financial technology institutions to utilize the platform and create and upgrade products accordingly.

Aritra Chakravarty, Founder & CEO, Project Imagine said, “We made a big decision at the beginning of our journey not to whitelabel, which allowed us to create a completely new way for our customers to interact with money. We’re really excited to now be able to offer access to the platform that runs Dozens to banks and fintechs across the globe looking to reduce time and resources spent on modernizing their stack, and instead get to focus on what matters most to them”.

According to the supplier, Pi1’s platform enables banks and FinTechs to view a customer’s entire lifecycle with data collected from over 30 sources through machine learning and advanced analytics. It also allows the firms to KYC check customers quickly and integrate with multiple third-party providers.

The 2019 launched app Dozens provides services that combine a current account, budgeting tools, savings tools, and investment manager in one app. Pi1 includes Dozens’ budgeting feature that allows customers to calculate their spendings for the next day, provides smart saving rules through integration with IFTTT and provides a visual of the customers’ spendings.

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