PayPal’s Xoom launches US money transfers via Walmart, Ria locations

XoomXoom, PayPal’s international money transfer service, has rolled out the ability for customers to send money to recipients in the United States. Through strategic alliances with Walmart and Ria, customers in the U.S. can send money quickly for cash pick-up at nearly 5,000 locations across the country.

“Many of our customers in the U.S. already send money to loved ones in the country, and they usually prefer that the money is available right away,” said Julian King, Xoom’s Vice President and General Manager. “This rollout reinforces our commitment to make money transfers fast, easy and affordable for everyone, whether they are at home or on-the-go.”

Xoom claims its services potentially benefit more than 44 million foreign-born people in the U.S. who send remittances to family and friends in their home countries. With the introduction of domestic money transfer services, Xoom will now serve even more customers, including more than half of Americans who make domestic person-to-person payments, it added.

“Many consumers in the U.S. face personal, institutional and policy-related barriers to access the financial system. These underbanked consumers rely heavily on fringe financial service providers to conduct routine financial transactions and pay high fees in the process,” Xoom said. Using Xoom’s mobile app or website, consumers will have the ability to send money quickly and securely for cash pick-up at any of Walmart’s 4,684 stores or Ria’s 175 locations in the U.S.

Last month, Xoom announced that it has enabled customers in the US, UK, Canada and 31 markets across Europe to send money directly to bank accounts in South Korea at competitive rates within minutes.

Launched in July this year, San Francisco-based Xoom is a digital money transfer provider that enables consumers to send money, pay international bills, or reload phones for family and friends in over 160 countries globally.

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