Path Solutions to upgrade Jaiz Bank’s core banking platform


      Mohammed Kateeb

Path Solutions has announced that Jaiz Bank, a Nigerian Islamic Bank, has upgraded its Islamic core banking platform to that of iMAL’s R14.1 version. The bank states that the solution will enable them to adapt to dynamic customers’ demands.

Hassan Usman, Managing Director, Jaiz Bank Plc. commented, “We are pleased with the successful upgrade to iMAL R14.1 on Oracle in a smooth and timely manner. With the new Sharia-compliant core banking platform, our customers will benefit from the best practices and enhanced features that Path Solutions has invested in the software since our last implementation. Moreover, we will continue to scale in line with our growth strategy, and stay ahead of industry trends as we continue to expand into new segments”.

According to the bank, the new upgrade will enable it to provide the latest technologies to its customers for the optimization of the level of value creation. The project started in December 2018 and has gone live in just 6 months.

Mohammed Kateeb, Group Chairman & CEO, Path Solutions, said, “Collaboration is vital in order to stay ahead of an ever-changing marketplace. By collaborating with our clients to help them identify customers’ expectations that will enhance their daily processes and interactions, and investing 30% in R&D, we ensure that we remain the industry leader in Islamic financial software solutions. iMAL R14.1 will empower our clients to be future-ready, given the rapid digital disruption that we are facing. The result is a dynamic ecosystem of innovation that will drive growth and customer satisfaction”.

Recently, Ameen Al Iraq Islamic Bank selected Path Solutions’ iMAL Islamic core banking platform for its new digital bank in Iraq.

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