Onedot and Contentserv collaborate for AI-based data onboarding


Bernhard Bicher, CEO of Onedot

Switzerland-based product experience platform (PXP) solutions provider, Contentserv, announced a partnership with Onedot, an intelligent platform developer for sourcing, onboarding and distribution of product data. The partnership will kick-off at the Product Experience Summit in Germany.

“Through our partnership with Contentserv, we can now combine our platform with state-of-the-art PIM software and offer a holistic solution to manage product data across the whole product lifecycle. Together with the strong PIM expertise and implementation network of Contentserv, we are looking forward to serving more clients across the globe and contribute to improved product data quality,” said Bernhard Bicher, CEO of Onedot.

According to the suppliers, the collaboration will expand Onedot’s ecosystem, thereby reaching customers for onboarding and automation services. Contentserv will benefit through the enhancement of its existing platform with automated data integration processes, thus eliminating manual workload and enhancing quality. It is also expected to accelerate time-to-market and reduce data-related operational costs.

“Our partnership with Onedot, along with the development of the new standard connector, adds considerable value to the Contentserv solution by enhancing its onboarding capability. The new integration also holds great potential for brand manufacturers as it increases operational efficiency in their product enrichment chain, hence speeding up their time to market,” says Marcus Ruppert, Vice President of Business Solutions & Design, Contentserv.

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