Objectway to fuel advisory and portfolio management services for vdk bank


Luigi Marciano, CEO, and Founder of Objectway

Italy-based digital wealth, investment and asset management services provider Objectway has announced that Belgian commercial institution, vdk bank will implement the supplier’s WealthTech Suite including Portfolio Manager and Investor Portal. The implementation is expected to provide the bank with portfolio management, branch-based advisory and execution-only capabilities as well as enable web apps for end clients for self-directed investment management.

Leen Van den Neste, CEO of vdk bank said, “Thanks to Objectway our clients will benefit from an even more advanced and more personal advice service, targeted at getting the fairest return, baring in mind the principles of durability that vdk bank strives to honor in all the provided services.”

According to the supplier, the suite will assist vdk bank in facilitating the development of an enhanced advice and an investment service. The bank’s clients will be able to invest in a self-service mode and digitally collaborate with their advisor online through the bank’s investment functionalities.

“We’re delighted vdk bank has perceived our ability to enhance the entire advisor-client engagement & collaboration experience, aimed at reaching new customers and greater revenue growth,” commented Luigi Marciano, CEO, and Founder of Objectway. “We are committed to ensuring that vdk bank can easily augment their advisory and portfolio management capabilities.”

Recently, Objectway unveiled a Financial Chatbot in a contribution termed as “A Financial Chatbot for the Unified Wealth Management Platform Project” at a workshop “AI for Finance, Commerce and Legal Issues” held at the CINI (National Inter-university Consortium for Computer Science) Conference on artificial intelligence’s in Rome.

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