The Nxt blockchain platform has recorded approximately 2.3 million transactions since launching three years ago. 160,000 accounts have been created and 800 assets have been issued, each one representing a project, or a component of a project. Meanwhile, Ardor, a scalable platform using blockchain, is in development and is expected to launch in Q3 2017.

The Nxt core developer group have also set up Jelurida, a Netherlands-based company established to both protect the IP rights of the Nxt development community and to allow the community to make licence deals for use of the Nxt software with mainstream businesses.

Bas Wisselink, Managing Director of Jelurida, says: “The last three years have seen considerable change and growth at Nxt, both in terms of technology and market capitalisation. We are happy with the decisions we have made building a platform based on smart transactions that maintains the value of existing assets and can carry out almost all the use cases of our mainstream competitors. We look forward to what the future holds for both the Nxt and Ardor platforms.”


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by Scott Thompson
Scott is Senior Editor at IBS Intelligence. You can follow him on Twitter and contact him at: