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Norwegian digital payments solutions Fintechs Payr and Hudya Merge


Børge Leknes, CEO of Hudya

Norwegian fintech Payr, a mobile banking and product comparison app and Hudya, a Norway-based startup providing a two-sided marketplace for consumers for all sorts of utilities have merged together to develop a digital platform for everyday services.

Together they have ambitions for international expansion. Espen One, CEO and co-founder of Payr, believes the two companies complement each others goal of developing financial solutions in the Nordic region

Børge Leknes, CEO Hudya Group commented, “Hudya Group follows a systematic growth strategy in its efforts to simplify consumers everyday lives, and that they are well on their way to gather consumer-oriented services and products on their platform. The merger with Payr is an important part of this strategy.”

With this merger, Payr becomes a part of the company with well-developed distribution networks. Payr will become part of Hudya´s Payments department, and Payr CEO Espen Einn will be appointed as the Chief Payments Officer in Hudya. The new company will work together with technical solutions for simplifying personal finances.

Recently Payr has garnered attention in the industry because of its Payr app.

Payr is a Norwegian fintech company that has developed an app for bill payment. The company received a license from Finanstilsynet in February 2017, and in June 2017 launched its app for bill payment. As of today, the company has 40,000 registered users in Norway who have made payments of more than NOK 1 billion.

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