Nordic API Gateway releases new payment service API

nordic api gateway

Michael Juul Andersen, CRO, Nordic API Gateway

Nordic API Gateway, an open banking infrastructure platform, has released its new payments services API for the promotion of next-step payments solutions aimed at the Nordic consumers and businesses.

“As the goal of the European payment directive PSD2 is to create more competition and transparency in the financial landscape, we’re starting to see radical changes in the payment industry. To help businesses take advantage of the new payment opportunities, we’re super excited to announce our new payment service API, which is set to create cheaper and safer account-to-account payments. Now, companies from every industry can innovate new and more customer-centric payments solutions with one simple integration”, commented the Chief Revenue Officer at Nordic API Gateway, Michael Juul Andersen.

According to the supplier, the new payments services API is expected to offer account-to-account payments for the advancement of financial services in banks, merchants and fintechs. It will reduce the cost as well as the risks of payments flows.

Recently, the company announced a partnership with Norwegian bank DNB in a bid to provide account aggregation service for the bank’s new mobile banking app.

Launched in 2018, Nordic API Gateway has been built on the foundation of Spiir, a Danish money app. It has created a payment solution that allows third-parties to build account-to-account payment services for both businesses and customers.

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