Nordic API Gateway

Rune Mai, CEO & Founder of Nordic API Gateway

Norwegian bank DNB has announced the launch of an upgraded version of its mobile banking application in collaboration with Nordic API Gateway. The bank has launched a new multi-feature in the app, built on the supplier’s account information service (AIS).

“With access to every bank in Norway, DNB can deliver personalized insights to their users and eliminate the hurdles for Norwegians who have accounts with several different banks. We’re honored that DNB has chosen to partner with us, and we’re already seeing that using account aggregation in banking is becoming a huge competitive advantage in the Nordics,” commented Rune Mai, CEO & Founder of Nordic API Gateway.

According to the supplier, the launch extends the partnership between DNB, Danske Bank, and Nordic API Gateway that was formed in 2018 in a bid to build a PSD2 infrastructure across the Nordics. The supplier’s AIS provides one way of accessing personal and business accounts across from all Nordic Banks with DNB becoming the first with access to all Norwegian banks.

“With Nordic API Gateway, we’re taking full advantage of the opportunities PSD2 creates. It’s a unique opportunity to aggregate account information from other players to give our customers a full financial overview of our new mobile bank. Now, we have a clear chance of owning the relationship with our customers no matter how many banks they have,” said Per Kristian Næss Fladset, Head of Open Banking, DNB.

Recently, Nordic API announced a partnership with a smart company card solution, Pleo with an aim to enable access to transaction data and allow Pleo to develop an enhanced customer experience for its clientele.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence