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Nordea invests in Stockholm-based e-commerce startup Mondido

                   Sophia Wikander

Nordea has invested in the e-commerce solution Mondido in an attempt to strengthen its Nordea Connect e-commerce offer. This is expected to provide the customers with access to all the payment methods in the Nordics through one integration.

“We’re already partnering with some of the leading players within e-commerce to add the most value to our corporate customers. Mondido will be a fantastic complement to this. There are some things that they have done exceptionally well, and we look forward to bringing those value-adds to our corporate customers through Nordea Connect,” said Sophia Wikander, Head of Mobile, E-commerce and Co-Innovation, Transaction Banking at Nordea.

According to the supplier, Mondido’s capability to allow merchants in customizing checkout experiences is expected to add to Nordea’s goal of accelerating the utilization of e-commerce in the Nordics. Currently, Nordea Connect provides its customers with a digital gateway that includes a framework for supporting additional value-added services.

“We’re seeing that there is a major digital transformation ongoing, also in non-retail companies. The forces of e-commerce are pushing companies to change how they are doing business, but also how they interact with their customers. As a bank, we are actively working to support our customers in their digital transformations and Nordea Connect is a key component in this ambition,” continued Sophia Wikander.

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