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Nomura picks Pico to bolster FX trading business

Tom Palmer, Nomura Head of eTrading Strategy FX

Tom Palmer, Nomura Head of eTrading Strategy FX

Tokyo-headquartered global investment bank Nomura has selected Pico, a New York-headquartered technology provider for the financial markets, to build, host and manage a new platform to support its latest innovation programs in foreign exchange (FX) and rates trading businesses.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Pico,” said Tom Palmer, Nomura Head of eTrading Strategy FX. “The use of technology is the backbone to enabling business with our customers. With every upgrade we are able to make we can be confident that our clients will see more competitive pricing and faster execution times. In today’s disparate FX markets there are an increasingly large number of liquidity providers that the FX market can turn to and our investment in the infrastructure from Pico shows our continued commitment to the market.”

The Nomura FX trading platform is co-located in data centres based in New Jersey (NY4), London (LD4) and Tokyo (TY3). With more efficient processing, Nomura’s clients will benefit from faster transaction times, Pico said.

Roland Hamann, Pico Managing Director, said,“Our experience in supporting operationally complex global FX platforms and financial markets specialist networks allows us to alleviate many of the challenges that come with managing a market presence.”

“We are delighted Nomura has entrusted Pico as their global provider and this is (a) testament to our strong capabilities in delivering business-critical trading environments, our best-of-breed technology portfolio and our strategy of being comprehensive everywhere through a global footprint recently bolstered by our APAC expansion. These combined forces empower our clients to access markets faster and efficiently scale their business.”

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