NICE Actimize to enhance member experience for US credit union PSCU

Craig Costigan, CEO, NICE Actimize

NICE Actimize has announced that US-based credit union service organization, PSCU has selected the supplier’s AI-powered investigations and case management platform, ActOne Extend. The partnership is expected to enhance the supplier’s expanding payments operations.

Tom Gandre, EVP and COO at PSCU said, “As a key element to this holistic approach, we are confident that NICE Actimize’s robust technology foundation will play a critical role in our expanded efforts to unify our membership while enabling them to be increasingly competitive in their markets as they continue to add new service offerings to their portfolios.”

According to the supplier, the platform will replace the credit union’s legacy systems and will enable it to centralize and standardize its dispute management platform through the utilization of AI, RPA and machine learning. NICE Actimize’s RPA solution is expected to combine attended and unattended automation in real life. It will allow for solution integrations for the detection and assessment of activities and processes.

Craig Costigan, CEO, NICE Actimize said, “NICE Actimize will support PSCU’s expanding credit union membership, as the organization continues to grow, with our advanced analytics and AI-infused platform. We are particularly excited to apply the resources of our investigations and case management experience as PSCU continues to streamline its operations.”

The credit union, through NICE Actimize’s API library, expects to attend to specific needs of the organization through alerts, investigation and case management functionality.

Recently, NICE Actimize unveiled SURVEIL-X, an AI-powered and cloud-native trade-related surveillance solution to revolutionize trade surveillance system.

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