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NICE Actimize expands ActimizeWatch to assist Financial Services Organizations

Nice ActimizeNICE Actimize has expanded ActimizeWatch, its secure cloud-based managed analytics service, to its Financial Markets Compliance solutions.

This will help Financial Services Organizations (FSOs) improve agility, detection accuracy, efficiency, and overall compliance program effectiveness, it said in a statement.

ActimizeWatch leverages X-sight – the cloud-based Financial Crime Risk Management Platform-as-a-Service – to offer compliance teams scalable analytics automation and a two-prong approach, which includes Model Optimization and Development Services and Anomaly Detection.

This helps FSOs to continuously refine their detection capabilities and uncover unknown risks.

Both services offer the ability to anonymously pool and leverage lessons learned across the collective intelligence of NICE Actimize customers, so FSOs can see larger threats at play in the marketplace and take steps to proactively avoid them, the company said.

“In financial services, change can be unrelenting. When surveillance detection models don’t keep pace with change, firms risk falling out of compliance and unnecessarily driving up compliance costs,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE.

“FSOs can now leverage NICE Actimize’s expertise coupled with advances in technology to automate their compliance programs and enhance their surveillance detection capabilities. ActimizeWatch’s analytics-as-a-service helps FSOs get out in front of changing conditions and uncover hidden compliance risks without taxing resources.”

NICE Actimize is a provider of financial crime, risk and compliance solutions for regional and global financial institutions, as well as government regulators.


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